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About Highfields QLD Australia

About Highfields

Highfields (Queensland) is a lovely little town approximately 20 minutes drive from Toowoomba.

Locals love Highfields because of its beautiful natural parks, gardens and overall feel. Highfields feels like a small town yet has almost everything someone could need. 


Throughout the year, residents and visitors can enjoy a range of exciting activities and festivities.

The Highfields Pioneer Village hosts regular heritage days, showcasing the region’s history and offering interactive experiences for all ages.

The local markets are a popular attraction, offering fresh produce, crafts, and unique treasures. In addition, the community organises sporting events, art exhibitions, and live music performances, ensuring there is always something for everyone to enjoy.


With its welcoming atmosphere and diverse range of events, Highfields continues to captivate both locals and tourists alike.

Peacehaven park - playgrounds
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Love For Community

Business Background

Supports Locals

About Liam

About "Highfields Directory"

Founder & CEO

Liam Edwards is the Founder and CEO of Highfields Directory, a comprehensive online directory for the town of Highfields located in Queensland, Australia. With a background in business and a passion for community development, Liam is dedicated to providing the residents and visitors of Highfields with a reliable and easy-to-use resource for finding local businesses, services, and events.


Prior to starting Highfields Directory, Liam owned and operated a successful digital marketing agency in Brisbane. After moving to Highfields and falling in love with the community, he saw an opportunity to use his skills and experience to benefit the area. Thus, Highfields Directory was born.


Highfields Directory is committed to supporting the growth and prosperity of the local business community by connecting them with potential customers and helping them to showcase their products and services online.


In his free time, Liam enjoys exploring the beautiful countryside around Highfields, participating in local events, riding dirt bikes, playing games and gaining business knowledge. 

I am proud to call Highfields home!

Meet Our Expert Team

Get to know our expert Highfields Directory writers, editors and creative team below!

What We Value In Our Content

Here at Highfields Directory, we want to provide the best possible content for you. Below are just some of the content values that we think are important:

Local: Everything to do with Highfields Directory is kept local to Highfields and other surrounding regions

Accurate: Our content should be accurate, meaning there are no factual errors and all articles are trustworthy

Accountability: We mean what we say. If you find something you think is not right let us know and we will look into it 

Clarity: Everything that is written by us should be easy to read, understood and easy to share with others

Creativity: To make our site engaging and fun, we aim to keep Highfields Directory as creative as we can

Unique: Our content should be unique and different from any other content on the web, providing you with information you can only source from Highfields Directory


We aim to use as many clear examples as possible and make our content easy to view and understand. 


If you find any errors in our content, or if you would like to make a suggestion, please contact us

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