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Kleinton Waste Management Facility

Kleinton Waste Management Facility

The facility functions as a waste transfer station, rather than a landfill, resulting in negligible odour emissions from the site. Landfill operations are conducted at the Toowoomba Waste Management Centre on Hermitage Road. Waste materials are frequently transported off-site and are either recycled, reprocessed, or buried in a landfill, depending on the specific waste type. This approach enables the efficient management of diverse waste materials from various sources in a safe and responsible manner.

Mulch Collection

  • Self-loading: Collect mulch any time during open hours.
  • Assisted mulch loading: available on the third Sunday of every month between 8 am - 12 noon.


Accepted Waste Types

  • General waste that is not hazardous.
  • Commercial waste transported in vehicles weighing up to 4.5 tonnes.
  • Commercial vehicles weighing over 4.5 tonnes that carry loads of scrap metal or general waste (non-hazardous).

If you plan to dispose of inert waste in vehicles weighing over 4.5 tonnes, you must first seek approval. Please contact Waste Services at 131 872 and provide information about the load, including its approximate weight, type of waste, and disposal date.

The following types of waste are accepted in the bulk materials area, which is marked with a green sign:

  • Green waste
  • Concrete, asphalt, rocks, and builders' rubble
  • Clean fill
  • Scrap metal and white goods
  • Untreated or treated timber in vehicles weighing less than 4.5 tonnes.


The following types of waste can be disposed of in the resource recovery area, which is marked with a yellow sign on the shed for recycling:

  • Cardboard and paper
  • Glass
  • Plastic containers (labelled 1 to 7)
  • Steel containers
  • Aluminium containers and aluminium foil
  • Cartons (liquid paperboard)
  • Scrap metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous
  • Paint products from domestic sources only (maximum of 20 litres per visit)
  • Thinners and solvents from domestic sources only (maximum of 5 litres per visit)
  • Household chemicals (maximum of 5 litres)
  • Household oil (motor oil only - maximum of 20 litres)
  • Unwanted household items in good condition for the resale shop
  • Tyres (260mm width or less, maximum of 4 tyres per visit, from domestic and commercial sources, fees apply)
  • Clothing for resale
  • Car and truck batteries from domestic sources
  • Gas bottles up to 9kg, including butane gas containers (empty, limit of 2, domestic sources only)
  • E-waste - please refer to the e-waste recycling options
  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging
  • Fire extinguishers, except yellow extinguishers containing halon 1211 (BCF) or 1301 (BTM). Contact 1800 658 084 to arrange for the disposal of any unwanted halon extinguishers.
  • Mobile phones and accessories - place in the blue bins


Waste Types Not Accepted:

  • asbestos or asbestos-containing materials (ACM)
  • mixed recycling in vehicles over 4.5tonnes (private company for disposal)
  • dead animals from commercial sources
  • flares, explosives, detonators and explosives including bullets
  • fire extinguishers containing halon (yellow cylinders)
  • contaminated soil
  • liquid waste including cooking oil, petrol, diesel, slurry
  • material for special burial (for example, documents)
  • chemicals and acids from commercial sources.


The following types of waste should be disposed of in the residual waste transfer area, which is marked with a red sign:

  • General waste that is not hazardous
  • Dead animals from household sources - single animals only, with a weight limit of up to 50kg per animal and one animal per load. Animals must be wrapped and sealed, and packaging must not rupture when placed. Please inform the gatehouse operator upon arrival (fees apply)
  • Commercial waste in vehicles weighing less than 4.5 tonnes
  • Mattresses for recycling.


Closed: Christmas Day and Good Friday

Good To Know

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210 Kleinton School Road, Kleinton QLD 4352, Australia
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